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RangeSliderProps interface

Props of RangeSlider


export interface RangeSliderProps extends ViewProps 


Property Type Description
lowerTrackColor any Color of the lower part of the track, it’s also the color of the thumb
max number Upper limit of the range, default is 100
min number Lower limit of the range, default is 0
onChange (range: NumRange) => void Callback when value changed
onConfirm (range: NumRange) => void Callback when the value is confirmed
onStart ThumbGestureCallback Callback when drag gesture begins
range NumRange Initial value of range
step number Step value of the RangeSlider, must be a divisor of max
thumbPadding number Padding for the hitSlop on the RangeSlider thumb
thumbRadius number Radius of the thumb of the RangeSlider
trackSize number The thickness of the RangeSlider track
upperTrackColor any Color of the upper part of the track